Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Makeup Favourite: Maybelline Baby Lips

There are very few beauty products I love enough to want in every colour. Baby lips are one of them. And with the new electro colours finally in Canada, (YAY!) I have a bunch more awaiting my collection. These lovely little gems are one of my favourites for quite a few reasons actually.

The packaging is adorable! Obviously not a product necessity but defs a bonus. The tubes are bright playful colours and I like the long-style cap that keeps me from accidentally mashing the product down the side of the tube. I'm good at that. It's also very easy to tell which one your picking out if you have several like I do. This avoids the lengthly open-every-lipstick-until-I-find-the-one-I-want routine.

They all have great tint to them. The colour in the tube is VIVID, but it actually goes on like a light wash, which I like. If I want a heavy pigment I'll grab a lipstick. The staying power is pretty good too. Not quite a stain though. It makes them super easy to throw on at work, in the car, on the couch. Basically you dont need a mirror. no teeth check? no problem.
Above: Peach kiss. a really lovely everyday sheer nude colour | Cherry me. a fruity smelling reddish cherry colour | Pink Punch. more opaque by comparison, a light Barbie pink | Grape Vine. purpely red, the darkest shade, a great everyday wine colour | Oh! Orange! (electro). Looks super bright and halloween-ey but I find really compliments my skin, I use it as an everyday colour.

They work like they should. Baby Lips actually moisturize just as my other untinted chap sticks. It makes my morning routine easier, not applying two products. I don't find I get the 8 hours Maybelline states, but  I can certainly get through my morning and afternoon. Their moisture power gets the job done through lipsticks too, if you want to add a bit of sheen or double up on colour especially. I have used the 2 transparent shades, a lemonade scented, and a peppermint, as my go-to chap sticks but I've used them clean through! Going through a full chap stick before you lose it, toss it, buy a new one that's more exciting, whatever, is an anticipated and celebrated moment in every girl's life!
I will say however, is that not every colour's formula is made equally. Of all the colours in my collection, Pink punch has noticeably less moisture benefits - it is also a thicker, more opaque (chalky?) formula than all the others. Oh! Orange! is similar, but I still get great glossy coverage and moisture benefits, just not as good as Grape vine, Cherry me, Peach kiss, and their colourless tubes. I'm interested to see if the rest of the Electro line has similar inconsistencies.

They are very reasonably priced. Being a student with a makeup obsession and bad spending habits - major major selling point. They range from around $4-$6 CDN depending where you shop.
Do you have a favourite lip product that you can't go without? I'm really itching to test out some more of the colour whispers next!

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