Monday, September 23, 2013

A Peek into My Scrapbooking

I love scrapbooking! I'm not so into the ability for it to take over an entire room of my apartment. Or one project taking over a year of my life (disneyland circa 2012). Making a mess is fun until you have guests in your living room, or want to eat on your dining room table, am I right?
I mentioned in a previous post, my favourite photo editing apps for android, that I couldn't wait to start scrapbooking all my phone photos from my recent trip, and now I'm already done!
I picked up an adorable little notebook when I was in Tuscanny with the intention of filling it with photos from my Italy trip. I wanted to change up the way I scrapbook this time, mainly to avoid letting it overwhelm me and to use up some much-hoarded supplies. I'm in the process of moving as well so I knew I needed to finish this in a jiffy! I made a project on a small enough scale so I'd 
1. actually complete it, and 
2. not let it get so overwhelming and messy
It worked!! 
This book is the perfect size for a 4x4 inch photo (instagram print size), a little journaling and creativity on each page! I'm so excited that I found a project I was able to complete in maybe 3 hours, and will become a keepsake for a very long time to come. 

I used mostly washi tape for decorating my pages, a pack of blank sticker labels by SN@P!, and a few cute little post-it characters. It's funny because I brought out all my supplies but hardly touched anything else. I didn't even cut a single piece of paper! <3
It's pretty simple journaling, which I like. and there's a lot of decorative tape. It was a very fun project to whip through!

I'm already planning a smash-book style book of my other summer adventures! How do you scrapbook? and what are your favourite scrapbook pages or projects you've created?

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