Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Simplest of Simple: The Breakfast Smoothie Breakdown

Sometimes you need a bit of a re-boot. A fresh-health start because you've been eating too many free cupcakes from your friend down the hall who brings you end-of-days from his part time bakery job. Or because tiny halloween chocolate bars are now flooding the grocery store and maybe I can't resist a tiny halloween-sized wonder bar... or 4. Anyway, whenever I have a smoothie for breakfast, it just makes me feel good. It puts my day on track.
This is hardly a recipe - more like a reminder of how delicious strawberries and a banana can be when you smash them together. Maybe you didn't even need a reminder. maybe you just like pink beverages. Doesn't everyone?
I start with a banana, always. And then Yogurt, always. I'm using greek yogurt which just happens to be coconut flavoured, yum! Then you need frozen fruit of some sort, berries usually. I'm also adding protein powder this morning, I don't always, but I felt like it today. You can also throw in some almond milk, regular milk, juice, or other liquid. I didn't. I don't have any of those things. I need to go grocery shopping, clearly.

Then throw it all in your blender! The most liquid ingredients go closest to the blade. It just helps, a lot. Almost done!

 There are a million ways to make a smoothie, This is just my bare bones breakdown of my smoothie components. I often add peanut butter or almond butter which makes it extra yummy! Orange juice is delish, coconut water too. Spinach, if I have it in the fridge will go in, without question. What does your breakfast (or lunch, ok dinner too sometimes) smoothie look like?


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