Monday, September 9, 2013

Window Shopping: Fall inspired Geometrics

With the weather getting a bit more chilly in the mornings and PSLs (pumpkin spice lattes, obvs) taking over, the winding down of summer has really starting to sink in. I'm lucky Summer and Fall are my favouite seasons. (I'm allowed to have 2 favourites, let's just not question it.) I love the heat of summer and the long days, days spent at the beach. And Tanning, and vacations, and being outside all day. Fall is so cozy though. For me, autumn is always totally inspiring and sentimental. I want to bake, cook, read, craft, scrapbook, change my style, and try new hobbies. Not to mention this season is beautiful, I'm just saying get ready for a lot of sap the next couple months - and not just from these maple trees (is that joke as bad as it sounds?). To start autumn off on my blog I've done some shameless online window-shopping. A wish list halfway between summer and leaf-crunching, inspired by my recent obsession with geometrics and patterns, and maybe a touch of back-to-school nostalgia. <3

What is you favourite season? Maybe you have two like me! How about your favourite part of the whole back to school season? shopping, stationary, clothes!

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