Saturday, November 2, 2013

Simplest of Simple: Cleaning Makeup Brushes. So, So Simple

You wash your face every day, at least I hope you do. I do. At least I try to. Sometimes life makes you lazy. No big deal. 
Makeup brushes need attention too. The same gunk that sits on your face all day, it sits on your brushes. Washing them keeps them in good condition, they do their job better, they look nicer, and they keep your skin healthier when they're clean. We all know it. Here's a friendly reminder to us all that clean makeup brushes make a happy face.

I've cleaned my brushes the same way for ages. Shampoo and luke warm water. Nothing fancy here.
I avoid any shampoos that have specific uses, like volumizing, or for colour treated hair, etc. just because I'm paranoid about residues being left on my brushes. The more generic the better. I really like using baby shampoo for this reason.

Let's get down to business:
I plop a dime sized shampoo glob into my palm and get a small stream of warm water running. I Swirl the brush in my palm with the running water and shampoo. Can you see all the foundation washing away? But it's still not totally clean!

Once the water starts running clean I rock my brush back and forth in my palm. even more makeup comes out! Keep doing both these steps until they water finally runs clean for good. Sometimes you'll need to add a bit more shampoo. (especially if it's been a while since their last scrub...)

Blot your brushes as dry as you can and shape them before letting them dry bristle side down. This keeps water from seeping into the base and loosening glue and bristles. I always wash mine in the evening so I can just let them chill overnight.

Before I had this handy brush roll (from real techniques), I wrapped hair elastics around the towel hooks in my bathroom and shoved my brushes through them. It totally works. No big deal.

I have all price ranges of brushes, From Elf to Sephora. And I wash them all the same way. We're all equals in this household. What's your favourite makeup brush? Or line?

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