Monday, November 11, 2013

Simplest of Simple: We're Popping Some Corn!

When Mitch moved into his last place I bugged him for at least 2 months to get a microwave before he finally did.
"I wish you had a microwave."
"You can cook larger meals and eat more leftovers."
"you'll save money."
I didn't really have any other reasoning to back me up. He used it a little. I moved in. We used it a little.
We got rid of it cause it was sketchy, 3 legged and small. We figured if we found ourselves wishing for a microwave after 1 month, we'd buy a brand new one.  We haven't had one for probably 6 months. Haven't even given it a thought.

It's funny, the things you think of as necessities because you grow up with them. Totally not necessary after all. Cable, microwaves, house phones, those colour changing spoons that came in cereal boxes, I've been doing fine without them all lately. Mostly these things have just been replaced, but that's besides the point. The point is popcorn!

Delicious, slightly sweet, fresh, hot pop corn!
Making it in a pot is easy peasy. you already have everything you'll need. And it doesn't have any of that gunk microwave popcorn bags contain, which you defiantly don't need.

This recipe is just a jumping off point for an entire popcorn series I've been cooking up! so watch out for all the delicious popcorn recipes to come!

vegetable oil, kernels, and a little bit of sugar. (if you want)

there it is, all in a big, big pot. Your pot will need a lid. Very important tip.

See? A lid. One that lets you watch the action is even better!


I spy some extra-crispy ones...

For this "recipe" I add 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels to a very large pot (this is also my soup pot) with no more than 3 Tbps of vegetable oil and a spoon of white sugar.
I really love adding that little bit of sugar because it makes the popcorn a tiny bit sweet, but it also makes it a tiny bit caramelized. This adds a slightly different, more satisfying crunch. It's one of those things people will notice but not know what you've done differently, you know? Don't try brown sugar, it can burn, and stink. Not worth the risk.

Cook the covered pot on the stove on medium heat. I swirl the kernels every so often so they won't burn to the bottom. Keep on heat until the popping sound happens less and less frequently, around 5 minutes for this amount of popcorn. When finished popping it's important to transfer the popcorn directly to a large bowl to keep any of it from burning to the bottom of the pot. 
That's it!
You can now sprinkle it with whatever your snacking heart desires: butter, salt, pepper, parmesan, garlic powder. I'm partial to cinnamon on my popcorn!

You could also sit tight and make a batch of some specialty popcorns! In the next few week there will be lots of recipes popping up! I've got some cray-cray ideas floating around with popcorn in my brain. I can't wait to post all of them!

On the PS, 1/2 cup of kernels makes the perfect amount of popcorn for a night-in movie date - Little known secret.

What's you favourite flavour of popcorn?

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