Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pink + Rose Gold Summer Style Wish List

I love Rose gold. Always have, always will. It's just so darn pretty! And it makes whatever it touches more delicate, and stylish (ie: me). It also looks fantastic against pale and tan skin, score! And Pink and Gold are just one of those perfect colour combinations!

What first triggered this little wish list was funnily enough, seeing Zoe (Zoella) open the Republic of Frends Layla Headphones from Net A Porter in her recent Youtube vlog. (If you don't watch her she's a very entertaining girl.) After seeing them for the first time I couldn't stop thinking about them and how gorgeous they are! I Googled them, realized they were over $100 dollars and made a sad face. But look at all these other lovely pieces!

This list got me dreaming about the summer festivals and concerts to come, warm summer evenings and outdoor tea parties with girl friends. Can you tell I'm excited Summer has arrived!?!

What are you most excited for this Summer and what's on your Summer Style Wish List?

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