Sunday, July 6, 2014

Good Morning Monday | 1

Something new! No one really likes mondays right? I mean, that's why you can have a case of the mondays. Especially now that the Summer's hit, going back to work after a fantastic weekend of fun in the sun can be hard. I'm here to brighten your monday! "Du Dun un unnn!!" Brighten your monday with fun online inspiration, songs, quotes, basically whatever caught my attention through the week. If you do love mondays please share how you do it. We'd all like to know.

My weekend was short lived being that I actually worked Sunday. Not bad though. Saturday I assisted Mitch while he car shopped. First day of many car shopping days to come I'm sure. I have to say, car sales people are intense. That's a hard working job. I couldn't do it. More power to you car salespeople.
The rest of the evening was spent binging on Lost via Netflix (Almost done Season 3! second time round though) Mitch has never watched it before so it's been fun watching someone watch a series for the first time. Then we took a quick drive down to the beach later Saturday night. Sitting by the water, even for a little bit, is so calming to me. It puts me in zen mood almost. I like it. You feel me?

  • Danny Brito's home is amazing. It looks like my room when I was 17, mixed with what I envisioned my first apartment to be styled like. Also known as, what I wish my apartment was styled like, except I have a boyfriend with not that taste. Organized clutter is a bit of a passion of mine. His Pyrex collection... In my dreams.
  • This Before and After is inspiring! Just goes to show any house can be beautiful if you put enough effort into it. Every room and even the exterior are incredible transformations.

What did you get up to this weekend? Summer adventures I hope, Summer adventures are the best! 

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