Monday, July 28, 2014

Good Morning Monday | 4

This week was a busy one! But only near the end funnily enough. Thursday and Friday I spent up-island merchandising one of our newly renovated shop for re-opening. Those were some long days, but well worth the effort! It re-opened Saturday looking gorgeous! I then worked a long-haul day in my own shop Saturday.
Sunday-Monday is my weekend this time around, and it will be well spent. Yesterday the weather was beautiful! We had some morning coffee and a bite to eat at a little coffee shop before heading to the beach for a nice relaxing afternoon. So nice, that I actually fell asleep at the beach!
I love the beach we've been going to lately, Witty's Lagoon, because along with a long stretch of sand like all beaches have, there is also a walking trail that veers off every so often leading to little patches of sand. Little mini-beaches. We have a certain one we like going to, it's just the right size for us, so we end up with a beach to ourselves all day! How did you relax this week?

Onto some links!

  • These prints are adorable.
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel is one of my favourite movies lately so this post is awesome! 
  • This photo makes the nerd in me laugh, and laugh, and laugh
  • This photo series is very interesting. I never really thought about the counterculture of past decades before as even being counterculture. Expect maybe hippies. There are always hippies.
  • Mean Girls infographics. Enough said
  • I've been experimenting with agar agar a lot in my kitchen recently. Success rate: 0

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