Monday, August 4, 2014

Good Morning Monday | 5

This week flew by! July is over and we're into August, the last month of summer! What the heck happened?I'm not too torn up about it though because know I'm getting all I can out of August this year. Starting with this coming weekends' trip to Washington to go see Arcade Fire!
This last week was spent mostly at work but I had some wonderful evenings none the less! Not limited to a girls' mexican taco night - complete with a Downton Abbey binge, fish and chips at a new pub, and a late night movie date. On Saturday we spent the morning at the Moss Street Market where we picked up some stellar blackberry jam and I indulged in some local marshmallows! From the market we strolled down to Willow's for a long afternoon at the beach, where I lazed and read #GIRLBOSS. If you haven't heard of it before - or read it yet. Go do it! Im not even finished yet but I'm already so caught up in it! I will probably start it again once I finish! Oh, and last night after work we built a fantastic impromptu-cheese-plate-dinner! Perfect. 
There's my week in a flash; how was yours?

  • We saw Wish I Was Here last night. Zach Braff's newest movie. It was a fantastic family story that made me laugh and cry a lot. A lot of crying. Also Kate Hudson is Gorgeous.
  • Go buy #GIRLBOSS if you need some business drive.
  • This One-Pot-Pasta is delicious. We'll be making it for the second time in two weeks tonight!
  • This article about creating space in small apartments was really informative
  • Did you know John Locke was a Philosopher before he was a character in Lost? It all makes so much sense!
  • The F Word, with Daniel Radcliffe Comes out this month. And it looks Hilarious

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