Friday, August 22, 2014

Picking Out New Mixing Bowls

Alright, so my current mixing bowls are white. My current Mixing bowls are plastic. My currently mixing bowls are uggggly. My current mixing bowls are stained with a tinge of orange from making Buffalo Cauliflower Dip a few too many times. My current mixing bowls came from Wal-Mart and cost me about $10 three or four years ago when I originally moved out of my parents. It's safe to say I can finally invest in a nicer set of mixing bowls! But who knew how hard it would be to find mixing bowls that I actually like! 
Okay, maybe it wouldn't be so hard if I wasn't taking into account that I take about 40 photos every time I made a batch of cookies. Or that I want something I won't get sick of in a year. Or worried about which shade of blue best makes chocolate chips stand out in a picture (Joke - I'm not actually thinking about it that hard). But these are my issues, and they're real. I'd started doing some online hunting and to be honest, it didn't make my quest much easier....

That was May,  fast-forward to now. Yes, this post has been sitting in draft mode for a few months, literally because I couldn't find enough bowls online to make a full image-set. They're that hard to find.
I've still been on the hunt all this time! Mixing bowls are an important piece in my kitchen. They need to feel right. That may sound silly but I think of them like an expensive purse; It needs to fit your taste, your lifestyle, it's an investment, and you want it to last. "I'll know them when I see them" I kept thinking.
I was at my mom's house last week and she offered me a fruit bowl she was parting with. I accepted because I liked it, and I didn't have a fruit bowl, and I really like bananas. I mentioned I was actually on the hunt for a set of mixing bowls and how difficult it's been to find a nice, simple set.
She went into the kitchen and from above the cupboards, pulled down a set of cream coloured bowls. They were littered with tiny fractures and one had a small chip but it was a complete set.
I vaguely remember these bowls being in our kitchen when I was a child. They were mostly used for serving and storing food rather than prepping. I had completely forgotten about them years ago. Like most things in your childhood home I'd never really given a thought to where they came from. Things just exist. No questions asked.
As it turns out, these bowls had been my grandfather's mother's - My great grandmothers, Who I'd never gotten to meet. My mom told me they'd made their way from Saskatoon when my Grandpa's family moved to BC when he was young. Over 70 years ago! She also told me my great grandmother never used recipes to make anything, I imagine like many women of her time. What went in was what they had. I can only begin to think of all the bread, biscuits and meals that came from these bowls. And I can't wait to start creating my own recipes in them.
Although these bowls really are just bowls, it shows that when you wait to invest in something that is important to you it all works out to be worth waiting for.

Here are some of the bowls I had been possibly eyeing before my great grandmothers set found me.

1 anthropologie | 2 ebay | 3 ebay

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