Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August Makeup + Beauty Favourites

How was your August? Did you squeeze all the Summer out if it that you could? I know I sure did, but now that September's hit full force here, (the power went out from a rain storm as I wrote this post!) I'm getting excited for the little bits of fall that I love so much. Here's to the very last Summer Makeup + Beauty favourites of the year!

The L'Oreal Magic Nude Anti-Redness CC Cream (Nude Magique?) has been great for me lately, It's a product I've had for ages but only remember to pull it out once in a while. It's actually tinted green, and contains teeny tiny baby particles. Once in goes on your skin, the green tint melts into your skin, hiding any redness, leaving a beautifully matched complexion and the tiny particles seem to disappear. It really is magic, I don't know how they do this voodoo, but I like it. I don't even need to wear foundation with this CC cream, just a little concealer under the eyes and around the nose for extra coverage.
I really love the L'Oreal Magic Line. Their original BB cream is fantastic, and they have an anti-dullness CC Cream that I'd love to try!

I'm back on a Maybelline Colour Tattoo kick! This one's part of the metal collection and called Barely Branded. the shadow is a iridescent champagne colour and works as a fantastic base for neutral powder shadows, or all on it's own. I've been using it mostly on it's own with a black winged liner. It looks so fresh!

I gave myself a very terrible sunburn a few weeks back. Even with sunscreen I still seem to burn, I have very sensitive skin when it comes to moisturizers and scents and such. The Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant Moisturizer is something my skin's always been able to handle without getting itchy, even a little. Believe me when I say I smothered myself with this stuff in attempt to keep my burns from drying out and peeling. It did a darn good job. It smells nice too without being overly "scenty".

I love Real Techniques brushes. But lately I've just been appreciating them extra. My all-time favourite has to be their buffing brush. I use it every morning to apply my BB cream and foundation. I'm not quite sure what it is about it, but it helps apply fantastic, even coverage, and it's small enough to get into all the awkward places on your face, like the sides of the nose and between the eyes (I know, awkward places on your face... weird).

I've had this Hard Candy Lipstick far longer than I probably should, but I love the colour! The shade is called Fire Alarm, which I've always thought to be silly, as it's a nude shade. But whatever.
Since having my bangs cut shorter, I find this shade looks really flattering on me (don't ask). The colour itself can be overwhelming if you apply it generously. It's quite nude. I prefer to do I light coat to lighten my lips a little. The formula applies smoothly and is very and creamy felling, not chalky at all. The staying power of the product is not very long though, I wouldn't say it lasts through meals or anything to that extent unfortunately, but for the price, you can't go wrong. I don't actually know if Hard Candy still makes this line, but I'm sure they have a similar nude Lipstick out currently.

I picked up a pack of Schick Xtreme3 Razors because they were on a really good sale. They've turned out to be my new favourite razor! These particular ones are Hawaiian Tropic scented, which doesn't really matter to me. But the razor is great! I'm not a big fan of the fat, ultra moisturizing, lather-inducing woman's razor. The ones with "moisture shields", and "follicle guards" or whatever other doo-dads it is that woman's razors have that make them so darn bulky and expensive. All those extra bits make my legs itchy, and it makes it hard to shave my knees! Okay, rant over. This razor is no-nonsense. It has a modest little moisture strip that doesn't get in the way, 3 precise blades, and a swivel top. That's all you need. It works exactly and wonderfully like it's supposed to. Perfect.

What were your favourites this month? Anything I'm missing out on?

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