Friday, September 5, 2014

Window Shopping: Rough and Tumbled Fall Boots

Now I know this isn't like everyone, but I like my combat and industrial-style boots to look better with a little age and grime. The muddier and more roughed up they get, the better. I want to look like I've worked hard in boots (even though I've actually done, and prefer to do, nothing). 
I think it has to do with footwear working a bit like a costume. You know what I mean, right? That's why super-high heels go on for nights out, But you slip on a pair of Keds for when you want to go for a cute, fun-loving but casual vibe. 
For me, boots can be kind of heroic. When I put on a good pair of rugged style boots I want to feel like Lara Croft. Now hear me out, Who hasn't wanted to be, or at least wanted to look like, or at least wanted to be as fit as Lara Croft? That's real-talk. I've shared an embarrassing and slightly weird secret with you. Lara Croft, a fictional archeologist/adventure-seeking video game character is my boot muse. Now let's look at some footwear.

Last Fall I did a very similar post on boots. In the end I didn't end of purchasing any of them. But not for lack of trying. I did however end up with a super cute pair of tan wedge-moccasin/hiking type booties from Target much like the ones from Toms in this set.

What are your thoughts on boots? Do you have a boot muse, or am I in this alone?


  1. Loved this post, i'm not really into the whole worn Lara Croft inspired boots, but i definitely see where you are coming from! For some reason a running theme in all my winter boots are crazy spikes, buckles and chains!

    Snow x

    1. Thanks for reading, it's interesting how we're all drawn to different trends, it's what makes fashion fun!


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