Monday, October 20, 2014

Good Morning Monday | 16

This week was a busy one, midterms are not my favourite pass time. Ugh.
But the weekend was about as perfect as fall can get. Pumpkin Picking!! Mitch and I went down to the pumpkin patch and found ourselves a few pumpkins to carve yesterday! Traditions are my favourite. And what a beautiful day too, you would have never guessed it was October! There were tons of pumpkins to choose from this year! And really Big ones too! I even picked up a Cinderella Pumpkin because it was just too perfect to leave behind, they look like they're from a fairy tale!
It was absolutely adorable and hilarious watching all the kids run around the field trying to find the best one too, followed by Dads in their gumboots!
Have you been Pumpkin Patching yet?

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