Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11 Simple and Affordable Statement Necklaces for the Holidays

This little post on simple, beautiful, and casual statement necklaces was brought on by a recent trip to Old Navy. Crazy right? Old Navy is a store that I don't often go into, but Mitch really likes their T's. We popped in and I saw the Jewelry. Oh my Goodness. They have some beautiful things for the Holidays!
I didn't plan on buying anything but regardless, I left with two necklaces because I just couldn't choose! They have some lovely themes running through their accessories right now. I picked a gold statement necklaces with a kind of art-deco theme, it reminded me of Great Gatsby! And a simple pounded gold and silver metal triangle necklace. They were under $14 each, which is a wonderful price as they don't feel cheap. I don't know what exactly the deal is but I couldn't find Old Navy's Jewelry section on either their Canadian or US site. So we'll just have to live with that little problem for now, unfortunately.

Simple statement necklaces, particularly gold ones like these, are a jewelry item I have a nice collection of. I love wearing them at work as I wear all black. I find the gold pop with my black blouse or sweater always looks flattering and a bit fancied up without that "you're wearing that to work?" impression.
I can easily imagine the above necklaces or any of these necklaces in the collection below going perfectly with a classic little black dress for all those exciting holiday parties coming up!
I'm sure you can see a trend here with what I'm drawn to: Gold. Fringe. Tapering. 

What kind of things do you look for in jewelry pieces?

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