Monday, November 3, 2014

Good Morning Monday | 18

Did everyone have a chocolaty and wild Halloween? Good! My Friday night was spent with friends and m&m's and homemade pizza. Exactly what this weekend called for.
Mitch and I had an awesome weekend. We headed off to Vancouver for The Black Keys concert! Mitch won tickets over the radio, Score!
We decided to stay in Vancouver for the rest of the weekend. I spent Halloween night as a bubble bath, unfortunately I don't have any photos - I was having too much fun! Maybe some photos of our polaroids will surface at some point. 
Obviously a trip to Van isn't complete without a jaunt through IKEA, so we finished the weekend there, then headed back to the Island. 
How was your Halloween weekend spent? Was there costumes? Was there sweeties? If you have a blog post about your weekend I'd love to see!

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