Monday, December 8, 2014

Winter Music Playlist

It is so refreshing in December to mix it up a bit and listen to some wintery-but-not-Christmas music, just when you need a little change.

To me, winter music is anything I can listen to and imagine myself sitting inside a beautiful log cabin. I'm in a bay window seat sipping a large mug of hot chocolate. I'm just peacefully looking out the window at the calm falling snow and there's a bearded woodsman outside chopping fire wood (too much?) That's winter music. I love the calm folky sound of all these songs; they fit the lovely silence snowfall always seems to bring. Just listen to this playlist and I think you'll understand what I'm saying. I did add in a couple Christmas songs to this list but it's because they are some of my all time favourite songs that I only get to listen to this time of year, annnd they don't say Christmas in them so it's okay!
What does winter music mean to you, and what are your favourite songs this time of year?

Winter Beats 2014 by Arielle Moore on Grooveshark

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December Link Party on TLV Birdie Blog


  1. Great winter playlist! Although, for me it wouldn't be winter without Mumford & Son's "Winter Winds" or The Beatles' "Something." :)

    1. ohhh, sounds like we have the same music tastes! I'm adding those to my personal winter mix!

  2. Hey Arielle,
    thanks for linking up to December Links Party on TLV Birdie Blog! I am really glad to have you around and to create the magical winter mood together!:)

    Oly / TLV Birdie Blog


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