Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Blogging Goals for 2015

2014 was exciting! And I'm gonna go out and say that annoying phrase that everyone and their neighbour says - where has the year gone!?
Lots happened blogging-world-wise for me but it's tough to put a finger on what I really accomplished as I never set out with any particular goals in mind. I've learned from that. I have a whole year of blogging and post-experimenting behind me now and I have a better grasp on what I want to achieve (kind of), what my blog is about and where I want it to go. 

I've constructed a list of goals I'd like to achieve in 2015. Most of these are pretty attainable and only require me reaching out of my comfort zone just a little bit. I'm excited about all the challenging bitties going forward!
  1. Start some OOTDs. Outfit posts are some of my favourite posts to read online and they inspire me to play with personal style more often.  I'm too nervous about creating them myself though. I did one at the very end of this year and I had a lot of fun! I'd like to do 1 outfit post a month in 2015.
  2. Create a Facebook page for Love of Sweeties. This is pretty self explanatory. Facebook is not something I use personally but I can see the benefits and convenience for readers of being present on Facebook. I need to figure out how it works and get going!
  3. Open a Love of Sweeties Etsy shop. I've had an Etsy shop in the past, even made a few sales - but I was much too young and never understood how to get my products or name out there. My Ultimate career goal is to open a business of my own, and I've always known Etsy would be a great learning opportunity for me in that respect. And if I don't start soon my Weavings will take over my apartment!
  4. Become better acquainted with my Camera and with Lightroom. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before but I take all blog photos with my cellphone! I have a system and it works well for me. But I also own a very nice high quality point and shoot Canon that I've been too afraid to learn to use properly. In 2015 I'd love to become confident with a real camera and teach myself to use Adobe Lightroom efficiently. I can use Lightroom right now... a little bit. But I know I still have way more to learn!
  5. Set up a lighting situation for taking photos. Clearly because I only use my phone to take blog photos, you can imagine imagine don't have much of a set up. It makes recipe posts especially difficult. From a timing perspective, I need to be on my day off, and it needs to be between 11 and 4, especially this time of year. Dinner posts are pretty much off the table. (Figuratively speaking - we do eat on a table.) I also can't photograph from the dark drearyness that is my kitchen. I think a bit more of a lighting sitch would reinvigorate my excitement for recipe posts!
  6. Find a theme for Love of Sweeties. I intended for Love of Sweeties to be a food blog in the beginning. But I'm just too darn interested in too many things! Over the last year and a bit, I've written about baking, cooking, gluten-free, vegan food, makeup, crafts, decorating, books... everything. I'd like to either stream line what I post about or find a way to allow all my passions to come together in a way that isn't too overwhelming.
Share some of your 2015 goals! blogging or personal - don't forget, sharing your goals makes you more accountable and likely to stick to your guns.

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