Friday, January 9, 2015

Mini Woven Wall Hangings

Way back in July, I read Rachel Denbow's Weaving Tutorials on A Beautiful Mess. I thought weaving was the most beautiful thing. The textures, colour combinations and softness, the weavings are so cute! I didn't buy my own loom until November.  But now that I have one I'm completely addicted.
I've found weaving to be such a calming, gratifying hobby. I love throwing on Netflix or some music, picking out my colours and just going at it.
After my first few learning wall hangings I figured I was good enough to gift some! These are 4 little woven babies I did for my best girlfriends for Christmas gifts. I'm awfully proud.


  1. They look gorgeous! I'd have loved to get one of those as a gifts! If only I had the time (and patience?) to learn how to make these myself!)

    Rachael at

    1. Thanks! They were certainly well appreciated! After courses you should give it a go, it's much less stressful than knitting! (the only other yarn craft I've given a go)


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