Friday, March 20, 2015

Best photo editing apps for Android - Round 2

This is a second instalment of a post I did when I first started Love of Sweeties (You can read that one here if you'd like!). I'm going to show you the photo editing apps I use to create my instagram photos as well as most of the photos you see on this blog. Yup, you probably don't know this about me/my blog, the majority of the photos I take for my blog are shot on my cell phone. 
Until this last week my cell phone was a Samsung Galaxy S3. I used it to take nearly all the photos on my blog since its existence.

Now I have a Galaxy S4 and plan on continuing to use it for blog photography. Why? Because it's so easy!!! I can take the photos, edit them, and upload them all from my phone. Then, when it comes time to write the blog post, I just have to sit down at the computer and write. 

We also own a Canon Power Shot SX30 IS, but it scares me a little still, it's not even a DSLR. Just a good quality Point and Shoot. I use it maybe 30% of the time for my food photography, and I usually use it for Wall Hanging product shots.

I know using camera phone photos isn't for everyone but I just can't give up the convenience and simplicity I get from my phone. The quality isn't as fantastic as a good quality camera, but for me, I don't notice a drop in quality all that much. And to be honest, because I'm not very skilled with my real camera for the time being I actually find the colours and image quality of my phone photos to be better than the ones I get from my Canon.
Let's get right into it!

AVIARY - Free with in-app purchases
I LOVE Aviary! My favourite photo app for sure. It's actually an Adobe product so you know it's going to be quality, and full of awesome features. 
I use Aviary to edit nearly every photo I use from my phone.
These are the main tools I use in this app:
  • Enhance: Sometimes colour fix is helpful sometimes it's better to leave it be.
  • Crop: for obvious reasons, it has many pre-determined ratios as well as free-form cropping
  • Lighting: Where I'll bring up the brightness, slightly increase the contrast and sometimes reduce shadows
  • Colour: I'll bump up the saturation, and on my S4 I've been finding I like to boost the warmth as well
  • Sharpness: Sometimes I'll need to bump this up a few notches. It add some clarity to images
  • Effects: Effects are the last thing I'll go to in my photo editing routine, and only about half the time. I'd defiantly say it's worth investing in some of the effects. My recommendations would be Foodie, Woodland, Layer Pro, Winder, and Wanderlust. For a dollar a piece you can't really go wrong. My biggest suggestion when using effects in Aviary is to scale them down. I'll often use 2-3 filers but only at around 10%-40% each to give my photos the brightness or tones I want.
VSCO CAM - Free with in-app purchases
it seems like everyone is using VSCO cam, and for good reason. It has some fantastic features and it's pretty straight forward to use. I don't really go into the filers too much.

I Mainly use these features:

  • Exposure: to increase the brightness on photos 1 or 2 notches
  • Contrast: again brightens up photos a little
  • Straighten: This is a really helpful tool for aligning photos that may have been a bit tilted. especially helpful for product photography
  • Sharpen: The sharpen tool on VSCO is fantastic, I prefer it to Aviary's. It get things really crisp without overdoing the contrast or making it grainy
  • Saturation: to enhance colours in a photo
  • Temperature & Tint: These are really handy tools. Temperature adjusts the warm tones in your photo while tint adjusts the cool tones. it's gives you more control beyond saturation.

 Phonto is the best app for adding text to images! I use it for creating Pinnable images and I used to use it for all my good morning Monday posts. It's seriously the greatest.
It has a massive selection of fonts, you can adjust the size and colour of text easily and if you get a little deeper you can play with shadows, stroke, opacity, and curves, spacing. I'd recommend this to be on par with the website Pic Monkey if you're adding text to camera-phone images.

FOTOR - Free with in app purchases
I've only started using this app recently but it's great for creating clean and simple collages. Very straight forward, and fast. Exactly what I need. Something I really like about it is that you can access your instagram photos from the app, perfect for making recap collages! I also really like that it keeps all your images organized while you find the ones you need as opposed to putting them all into one image feed as many photo apps do.

INSTASIZE - Free app
This is the app I use to make non square photos instagram ready. Pretty straightforward and self-explanatory.

I hope you found this helpful and it gave you a bit of insight into my blog photography. Photo editing can be so much fun and a great way to pass time (whether you blog or not). Phone photography is also a great way to capture images for scrapbooking, or just printing out and putting memories around your house!
Give some of these apps a try and let me know what you think! And please tell me your favourite!

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