Friday, August 7, 2015

Creating a Craft Fair Sales Kit: Craft Fair Prep Week 6

This week I gathered together all the supplies I'll be needing if I expect to have any success at the Etsy made in Canada market, which is coming up quick (september 26th)! I'm calling it my Craft Fair Sales Kit.

Get all these items into a bag, or box and make sure you don't get into the car without it on fair days. And if you do forget... we'll that's when you swear and curse and turn that car around in a panic like the mad woman you are inside. Annnd that's why you leave 15 minutes early. (like I ever leave early for anything, I wish)

There are quite a few things on this list that will make you go "well duh, Arielle". 
But I hope there are at least a few pieces that you hadn't thought about yet too!

CALCULATOR with the hopes of customers buying multiple items you'll need to be adding your sales up. Also when giving change you want to make sure you're not making any errors!

PEN & PAPER for jotting down all your brilliant thoughts. Or say someone wants you to take their phone number or email for future custom work or to be part of your mailing list.

BUSINESS CARDS Don't let customers, and future customers forget about you! By being able to quickly hand over all your info you just might be cementing future sales. Bring enough to leave on your table too, so shoppers passing by your table can freely take one.
If you want to learn how to design your own business cards check out this post!

SCOTCH or WASHI TAPE sealing up purchases, taping down elements of your table set up, you just  never know.

MOBILE CREDIT CARD READER & PHONE being able to process credit cards will most likely be the difference between processing and not processing more than one sale. If you want to be able to accept more than just cash purchases you can't be without this.

MOBILE PHONE CHARGER If you have power to your table, great! Bring a charger for sure. If you don't, think about picking up a battery operated mobile charger. They aren't very expensive and it's worth it for the chance of your phone dying on fair day, especially if your processing sales through it.

SHOPPING BAGS you'll be needing something to keep your customers purchases safe while traveling from the fair to homes.

EXTRA PRICE TAGS incase you forget some at home, or decide to change some prices mid-fair

RECEIPTS OR INVOICE SLIPS most customers probably won't care, but some would like a recipe with their purchase. Invoice books can be picked up cheap at any office supply store.

CASH BELT or  CASH BOX you can't just be slipping your earnings into your purse. At least not just yet! Get a belt or box for safely keeping your float and all your hard earned cash in.

With all the items listed above you can be sure to be prepared for even the busiest craft fair days! Are there any tools you don't go to a craft fair without?

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