Monday, January 4, 2016

That Necessary New Year Post - 2016

I know it's been a long time, but it's not like I haven't been around, I promise! Check instagram and twitter, you'll see! I was busy, busy, busy in 2015 and I loved it! Last year was definatly my best year ever in terms of jumping into my dreams, but also setting achievable goals for myself. I've spent my whole life wanting to be a business owner and now I am one! Sure I'm not paying rent with my weave shop or anything, but I'm certainly making enough to sustain my hobby, watch it become a passion, and have money in the bank for the future of my business. That's very exciting for me!

As required at the Beginning of every new year, some of the points I appreciated the most in 2015:
  • I opened the Love of Sweeties Weave Shop on Etsy, where I successfully made profit every month last year.
  • I created my first custom weave, plus a few more!
  • I took part in my first ever Craft fair, the Etsy Made in Canada Market, in September.
  • I worked little by little to give the blog a revamp, which will continue into the new year
  • I was gifted a drop spindle and have been learning how to spin wool.
  • I've lots of fibre friends on Instagram and through the fibreshare community.
  • My work is going to be featured in the first issue of Makers Movement Magazine

I have so many goals for 2016, and I know more will present themselves as the months go by, but to start the year off I have these goals in mind:
  • I will find a better way to utilize my blog for my craft
  • I will take part in two craft fairs
  • Love of Sweeties Weaves will be for sale in a brick and mortar store.
  • I will do a collaboration between Love of Sweeties Weaves and another maker
  • I will begin listing handspun Love of Sweeties yarn in the etsy shop
  • I will learn how to naturally dye fibre from local plants
  • Love of Sweeties will get a professionally made logo and styling
  • I will increase my knowledge of natural fibres
What were your biggest accomplishments of 2015? 

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