Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Farewell Love of Sweeties... and Hello to New Endeavours!

So I've been subtly dropping hints these past few months about "big changes" and "grand plans" for Love of Sweeties. Well now they're about to take shape! In January, I mentioned here that I had many goals for this year, including dyeing more fibres naturally and listing hand dyed wools in my Etsy shop alongside my wall hangings. I'm excited to say these things are happening!

Along with all this dyeing I've also been planning, planning, planning. I've said many times that I'd like to turn my little "hobby business" into a steadier income, and all this aligns with that ultimate goal. To start this next big adventure, and this is the most immediate change, Love of Sweeties is now known as CakeSpun Fibreworks! With CakeSpun comes a complete business plan, vision, and some amazing rebranding!

Take a peek at

CakeSpun Fibreworks is committed to staying consciously cozy through delicious natural dyes and fairly sourced fibres.

Not much will change on the day to day. I will still be selling wall hangings on Etsy, now alongside hand dyed wools. In the beginning most of what I will be listing will be OOAK (one of a kind) skeins while I perfect colours and continue experimenting. The goal is to configure a small, consistent line of yarns; all colourways inspired by delicious desserts, using kitchen ingredients to create them. I've already created some beautiful colours from dyestuffs like coffee, turmeric and sprinkles!

This Blog will remain Love of Sweeties, and be a bit removed from the business, but everywhere else: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, will be changing to Cakespun.

And why not just leave everything the same? Why bother changing the name of everything, I mean what a pain right? Love of Sweeties, as some may remember, was created as a food and lifestyle blog. I wasn't even weaving at all when I bought the domain for Love of Sweeties. So when I found weaving and then started selling those wall hangings online I just stuck with the name I had. Love of Sweeties isn't too descriptive of one thing or another so it worked OK, but it also doesn't make that munch sense. 
CakeSpun couldn't be more clear. I will be making and selling dessert-inspired weaves and dessert-inspired yarns under this name. I needed to change the name to really commit to a business plan, and plus I love the name so much!

I can hardly contain how excited I am to put this plan into action. It's something I've been working on for about 6 months! This post may be a tad hap-hazard but just know there's so many awesome things to come!

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